Funny Easter Facebook Status That I Dare You To Post!

by admin on April 8, 2012

Hey, do you have a great big pair of Cojones? If you do, or if you are just plain insane……. Go ahead and post these funny Easter Facebook status updates:
funny easter facebook status
Now for those of us that do not want to COMPLETELY tick off our relatives, we could post this Easter Facebook status:
funny easter facebook status
This is one miracle that I wish Jebus could do. I mean, gas prices are crazy, and we do need some divine intervention. I mean, isn’t this a holy war? Christian nations against against Muslim ones? Where is Jebus in all of this?

Other Easter Facebook Status Updates

  1. Why don’t rabbits make noise when they have sex?  Because they have cotton balls.
  2. I hope you all have a better Good Friday than Jesus did.
  3. Hey you all, you are old enough to be told that Jesus and the Easter Bunny are not real.
  4. Jesus regrets dying for you.
  5. I wish the resurrection of our lord was important enough to get the day off of work.

How Are You Going To Spend Your Easter?

You could go to church and do the christian thing. Or you could lay around and spend it on Facebook. I have a feeling most American’s are going to spend extra time this Easter on Facebook. Make it memorable! Post some killer status updates. Be sure to share them here, in the comments.
funny easter facebook status

Make sure you paint a few eggs. Try to paint a few of them “Facebook Blue”. I mean, it is only fitting…. It is Easter For God’s Sake! When you are hunting on Easter, watch out for Hand Grenades!

Ok, I know this sounds weird, but some Kids in a English Village were on a egg hunt, and they found a surprise. They found a hand grenade! For the rest of the story: click here My fear is that the only bomb I am going to encounter on Easter is a Calorie Bomb. Have a safe Easter!
easter egg hand grenade

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