It is official, Facebook is NOT for old people

by admin on April 12, 2012

Facebook is NOT for old people
Someone needs to make a school or night class for the old people out there. I think it should be apart of the Facebook TOS. If you are over 50, and are trying to make an account, then you have to enroll in it. Just like most states require drivers over a certain age go and get tested to drive. The Facebook police should stop old people from wrecking the lives of their children.

Facebook is NOT for old people

I have enjoyed this transition in American culture. Our parents and grandparents are all to familiar with Facebook. It is to bad that it did not catch on during the MySpace days. I would have enjoyed looking at my dad’s page, where he features tunes by Neil Diamond. I am sure he would play “Porcupine Pie” or some other hit by Neil. My mom’s page would be blasting the Moody Blues. Ah yes, that would be grand.

Without our parents, we would be stuck with making fun of each other. It is a blessing that they are on there now. More cannon fodder :)

My fear these days, with all of the updates and customizations of Facebook, it is driving away the old folks. I barely understand the timeline feature, how is my grandma going to figure it out? I fear that she is going to give it up. She might have to if they make it more complicated.

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