It’s Cinco De Mayo! Time To Pary Like A Mexican Rock Star!

by admin on May 5, 2012

What are you doing for Cinco De Mayo?  Well for starters, you need to get the actual date right……

cinco de mayo facebook status updateNow that we got that worked out, we know that TODAY is May 5th, CINCO DE MAYO!!! It is time to party!  Party like a……..

cinco de mayo mexican rockstarsYes, you must party like a Mexican rock star!  Put on your sombrero and down some margaritas!  It’s party time!

Aren’t there some Mexican Rockstars?  Isn’t that guy from M83 Mexican?  His name is Anthony Gonzales.  That name sounds very Mexican.  But, he does not qualify.  He is from France, so we can not count him as a real Mexican.

cinco de mayo carlos santanaOk, we found a real Mexican Rockstar!  Santana!  This Cinco De Mayo, make sure you get down to some “Oye Como Va” and “Black Magic Woman”

This Cinco De Mayo I am going to party like a Mexican Rockstar, get drunk on margaritas and sing Oye Como Va.

Cinco De Mayo

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