Super Saiyan Jaylen – Jacking Off To Facebook Song – Best Facebook Status Update EVER!

by admin on April 25, 2012

Hello ladies! If you have not watched the Super Saiyan Jaylen song about Jackin’ It To The Facebook Biznatches, then you are truly missing out. C’mon, haven’t we all secretly wanted to take care of business to the beautiful ladies of Facebook?

Bro, I can’t wait until you are much older. This video is going to follow you to the end of time. In the spirit of Super Saiyan Jaylen, here are my top Jaylen Facebook Status Updates:

  1. Yea baby, Jackin off to ya Facebook piccccccsss!
  2. I want you girl, to be ma tenderoni.
  3. You see da lotion…. yea babyyyy!!
  4. Yea baby, you know its a nut I be blowin…
  5. I’m creepin on your Facebook Picture Girl….
  6. Jackin off to you girl……
  7. I’m jackin the night away girl…


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